Benefits of Certification

The Schlachte Method’s certification process for prospective teachers provides a foundational knowledge of behavioral techniques, classroom management, various developmental disabilities, and the benefits of the method itself.

You will learn how to identify the needs of individual students regardless of disability, reach out to special needs communities, and apply theoretical behavioral and classroom techniques in a practical manner to help children learn and grow.

Certification also allows membership to an online community of certified members of Ballet For All Kids who will help with any questions or problems and support with recruiting volunteers and creating a foundation on which to start teaching classes.

Schlachte Method Seminar


This seminar is the first step in the process of certification. The seminar gives a complete overview of the Schlachte Method as well as a starting point of how to start teaching and supporting classes for children with special needs. For all information regarding certification click HERE,

Application Process

Applicants to the certification program must first be experienced in teaching ballet, well-versed in classical ballet terminology and technique, and enthusiastic about teaching children with special needs, which entails adapting classes to properly reach address with behavioral, sensory, and motor issues. Applicants must also have at least 45 hours of experience working with children with special needs.

To begin the certification process, please contact us at or 805-524-5503.