The Schlachte Method was developed to assist all children regardless of their abilities or disabilities, strengths or weakness, to learn and reap the benefits of a classical ballet education. This method believes that every child has abilities that can be used as a springboard to learn new skills and enhance each child’s personal accomplishments. Therefore, the methodology uses a wide variety of teaching styles to accommodate all modes of learning and to strengthen each skill set area in all children. 

Class Rules & Etiquette

  • Students must respect the teacher and volunteer assistants
  • Leave all belongings, toys, books, etc in dance bag or in dressing room/waiting area
  • Come into class on time, dressed appropriately, and ready to dance
  • Pay attention and follow instructions as best as you can
  • No yelling, screaming, singing, whispering, or talking out of turn. Raise hands to ask questions
  • No running out of spot or around room. No laying down
  • No harming any other student, teacher, or volunteer
  • Always ask permission to go to bathroom or to leave class
  • Do not block the view of other students or take away their turn
  • No eating or drinking during class. Ask permission to get water or wait until break
  • Respect others personal space and boundaries
  • Keep all belongings together neatly and take everything when leaving class
  • Don’t wear dance shoes outside of the studio. Don’t wear street shoes inside studio

Dress Code

  • All students: hair should be off the face in a bun or pulled back with pins or headbands, shoes must be properly fitted, no jewelry
  • Girls: simple leotard of any color (please no rhinestones, glitter, etc), pink tights or socks, pink ballet shoes, optional short chiffon skirt
  • Boys: white tee shirt or tank top, black exercise pants or shorts, white socks, black or white ballet shoes
  • Volunteers: comfortable exercise clothing, nothing too baggy, no jewelry, hair pulled up, bare feet or ballet shoes